😋Chick-fil-A exec shares recipe for employee happiness

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😋Chick-fil-A exec shares recipe for employee happiness

Do you welcome diverse opinions and approaches in your restaurant workforce? Learn why America’s most-popular chain restaurant prioritizes that, and other secrets to success, as you pull up a chair for today’s edition of The Prep.

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🤩 Chick-fil-A’s approach to employee culture
💻 AI and restaurants: How and when to use it
👨‍🍳 Tips for opening a new restaurant in 2024
🍹The non-alcoholic beverage boom

Lessons from Chick-fil-A on employee culture

 Renowned restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is widely recognized for its exceptional customer service, consistently earning accolades for the warmth exhibited by its front-line staff. This commitment to service excellence has catapulted Chick-fil-A to the top spot in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, reinforcing its reputation as the leading fast-food restaurant.

 Tyler Hendon, a Chick-fil-A recruiter, says that hiring practices play into the chain’s success. In this article, he recommends assessing potential workers’ alignment with core values, embracing diverse personalities, building relationships with students, enabling trial work experiences, and avoiding the temptation to overhire. 

 Why it matters: Smaller restaurants and chains can learn from  Chick-fil-A’s hiring and retention practices to keep good employees happy and on the job. 

 Read more of Hendon’s advice on Business Insider.

🎧 Smart Takes, Episode 3

Growing Restaurant Loyalty & Traffic

Hear from marketing experts on how restaurants can grow traffic with new audiences and increase long-term loyalty.

 “Many restaurants are engineering the plate around the value, whether the plate is a box that goes in a bag, or the plate is a plate you sit down and order.” – Jenifer Harmon of StoreByStore

Listen in full (21 mins)

Where does AI belong in restaurants?

 Artificial intelligence is already in use throughout the restaurant industry for rote tasks such as answering phones, routing orders and even managing administrative work. But in a space that requires so much personality, can AI really cut through the noise and deliver excellent customer experiences? 

 Join the conversation on Restaurant Dive.

Should you open a restaurant in 2024?

There will be a lot to consider in the new year when it comes to opening, or expanding, a restaurant business – including timing and the importance of personal experiences. Taking a look at the current landscape of the food industry, the impact of competition, and the opportunities presented by the popularity of pickup and delivery services are just a few areas where potential owners should look first. 

Check out what tips 1851 Franchise offers.

Safeguard your restaurant against cold and flu season

Cleaning and disinfecting, properly training employees to mitigate illness risks and communicating transparently with customers are just a few ways restaurant owners and managers can stand up to cold and flu season. Understanding how to best operate when illness strikes employees and customers is a proactive step managers and owners can take to keep business on track during the height of cold and flu season.

Check out more tips at Modern Restaurant Management.

Cashing in on the rising non-alcoholic beverage market

 The global non-alcoholic beverages market is projected to reach 2.135 billion USD  by 2033, with a steady CAGR of 6.1% from 2023 to 2033. The market is driven by the increasing focus on health and wellness, leading consumers to seek healthier alternatives with natural components and functional ingredients. 

 Does your beverage plan include a variety of non-alcoholic options?

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