⭐ How leaders can improve restaurant retention

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⭐ How leaders can improve restaurant retention

Understanding the best way to lead staff improves restaurant operations – but how can leaders do it best? We'll dive a little deeper today as you pull up a chair for this edition of The Prep. 

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⭐ Customized restaurant leadership
🥤 Edible containers and other trends
📱 Thriving with third-party apps
🥑 Culinary travel trends

How restaurant leaders can target management style

The average turnover rate during the past ten years in the restaurant industry is 79.7 percent, according to Toast data. Keeping staff happy and feeling included is a big part of retention and leaders should adjust their style per staff member. Leaders should emphasize the importance of establishing clear goals, effective communication, and teamwork can help build a bustling work environment – as well as maintaining composure during high-pressure situations. 

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🎧 Restaurant Rockstars, Episode 377

How AI enhances decision-making in the restaurant industry

Matt Tucker, CEO of hospitality-technology platform Tock, offers valuable insights into how data can be leveraged for the restaurant industry.

This episode discusses the way artificial intelligence and data can address key restaurant challenges, guest expectations, personalized hospitality, and optimizing reservations.

Listen to the full episode here.

Edible containers, lab-grown protein and other food trends

Demand is growing for healthy, sustainable, and flavorful food options. Innovations like lab-grown proteins, edible containers, and alternatives to alcoholic beverages are just a few ways this consumer demand is being met by restauranteurs and food manufacturers worldwide.  Affordability and consumer acceptance remain challenges for these and other food innovations, however. 

Join in the conversation at PhilStar.

Understanding third-party delivery services

Mobile app s and other third-party delivery services have revolutionized the restaurant industry by providing a revenue boost and access to new customers. However, restaurants owners often have to face the technology's challenges, like handling operational strains during peak times, ensuring accurate orders, and safeguarding food quality during delivery. Restaurants must optimize the use of these tools to to thrive.

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Famous chefs lead food tourism trend

Well-known chefs are cashing in on the food tourism boom. Mawa McQueen leads an eight-day trip to Bordeaux, France, with cooking lessons and insider access, while Andrew Zimmerman takes guests on an 11-day Vietnamese adventure for an immersive cultural and culinary experience. These personalized trips reflect the growing market for in-depth food tourism experiences, expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2032. 

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Personalized leadership is valuable in all industries -- but perhaps most needed in restaurants, where employee turnover rates are so high. How do you find the time to lead your employees well, while keeping up with day-to-day operations?

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