🍴 How much of the animal do diners want to see?

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🍴 How much of the animal do diners want to see?

When you go out to eat, do you want your food to confront you? Restaurants around the world are making a statement through strategic plating – pull up a chair for this edition of The Prep to learn more.

 On the menu:

🍽️ Animal parts as plate centerpieces
📋 Planning for your succession
🥑 Avocados versus mushrooms at brunch
✈️ Sustainable foods and travel

Is your restaurant succession-proof?

Retirement, death and any other setbacks impacting a restaurant owner trickle down to the rest of the staff and operations. Succession planning is a way that restaurant owners can protect their assets – and make things smoother for their families and staff.

Learn how to best plan at Modern Restaurant Management.

🎧 Take-Away with Sam Oches, Episode 51

A look at one restaurant’s bold new strategy

Forget climbing the career ladder. Trapper's Sushi is handing out keys! Listen to CEO Farrah Scott dive into Trapper’s recipe for success: empowering employees, embracing change, and putting people first.

Check out the full episode here.

Diners take meals by the horn (and ears)

Are you ready for a daring dining experience? “Confrontational dining" is gaining popularity worldwide and involves serving dishes with animal parts as the centerpiece, staring back at diners.

From Spanish paella with rabbit ears to stargazy pie filled with pilchards, this bold trend is expected to hit big in the U.S. this year.

Read more at Daily Star.

Avocados who? Mushrooms gain brunch clout

Brunchgoers are embracing savory flavors with a rise in mushrooms as an ingredient. Imagine rich, earthy flavors dancing on sourdough, paired with decadent cheese or truffle aioli. It's a toast trend you won't want to miss.

Weigh your options at RestoBiz.

Ready-to-drink cocktails attract high rollers

Luxury establishments looking to enhance their guest experiences and operational efficiency can draw inspiration from James Bond's iconic cocktail preference. Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails offer a strategic opportunity to improve brand image, convenience, and profitability. By providing high-quality RTDs, brands can associate themselves with exclusivity and sophistication.

Find out how to incorporate RTD cocktails at 4Hoteliers.

How sustainable foods influence travel

The shift towards sustainable food is transforming the dining and travel experiences. Eco-friendly options are highly sought-after by travelers. In 2024, more resorts, cruise lines, and wineries expect to adopt sustainable practices, providing guests with ethical, locally sourced, and waste-conscious meals. This movement towards sustainable food is not just a trend but a way of dining that is greener and more responsible for the modern traveler.

Get the full story at Forbes.

A pinch of this and that

🍔 Burger bounty: Whataburger celebrates store 1,000.
🍽️ NOLA’s culinary renaissance: Emeril's 34 channels Portugal.
🥛 Oat milk mania!: Ben & Jerry's jumps on the trend.
💰 Peloton generosity: Groups leave a $7K tip.
🚚 Zomato cash flow: Daily payouts fuel small bites.

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