💡Increase restaurant employee retention with 3 steps

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💡Increase restaurant employee retention with 3 steps

Hiring the right restaurant workers is just step one -- are you doing enough to onboard and retain them? Pull up a chair for today's edition of The Prep.

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👨‍🍳 3 steps to employee onboarding
🍽 Think local, eat global
💡 Skill sharpening pays off
🍮 Upscale Turkish delights

Are you setting your employees up for success?

Proper restaurant employee training goes beyond memorizing menus and procedures. These essential methods can empower your team and help enable a well-oiled restaurant machine:

Technology integration: If your restaurant utilizes tablets or digital ordering systems, train staff on proper use and troubleshooting to avoid disruptions during service. This could include training on handling online orders, resolving technical glitches, and utilizing digital point-of-sale systems efficiently.

Skill development: Provide ongoing training for essential skills like food preparation, customer service etiquette, and efficient order processing. This not only improves efficiency but also boosts staff confidence.

Feedback and evaluation: Schedule regular performance reviews to provide constructive feedback and identify areas for improvement. This demonstrates your commitment to employee development and growth.

Implementing these methods will empower your team to deliver exceptional service, reduce errors, and create a more positive work environment.

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🎧 The Bar Business Podcast, Episode 53

Here's how to build relationships through marketing

Industry expert Jason Lattrel emphasizes the significance of strategic marketing in building a base of loyal customers. This podcast episode emphasizes the importance of targeted marketing campaigns to retain your regulars. Consider implementing loyalty programs, increasing social media engagement, and organizing themed events to build relationships with your patrons and turn them into brand ambassadors.

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From Hawaii: The future of food service

The 4th annual Hawaii Hotel and Restaurant Show featured innovative technology that can boost efficiency, ranging from robots that make sushi rolls at a breakneck pace to machines that create perfectly formed musubi. Sustainability was also a key theme, with exhibitors showcasing energy-saving solutions and eco-friendly packaging options. This event provided a glimpse into the future of hospitality, and it's clear that innovation is on the menu.

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Enhancing brands with eco-friendly upgrades

While plant-based proteins are grabbing headlines, eco-friendly practices extend beyond the menu. Consider offering recyclable or compostable cutlery to reduce your establishment's waste. This aligns with the increasing demand for sustainable options from environmentally conscious customers. Implementing these practices benefits the environment, can enhance your reputation as a responsible business owner, and can potentially attract new customers.

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Elevating menus with regional flavors

Celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez highlights the growing importance of regional flavors in the food industry. He suggests that using unique ingredients specific to your location is crucial and advises sourcing them from local farms and purveyors whenever possible. Incorporating these regional flavors into your menu offers a more distinct dining experience, attracting customers looking for something unique.

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Foodies flock to Ciy, Turkey

This historic city is captivating palates with its progressive takes on classic Turkish cuisine.  Imagine upscale reinterpretations of "balik ekmek," the beloved Istanbul fish sandwich, or "kokoreç," a dish featuring grilled intestines prepared with unexpected elegance.  But Ciy doesn't stop there -  the city boasts a treasure trove of delectable regional specialties like "haydari," a refreshingly cool yogurt dip, waiting to be discovered.  For any restaurant owner looking to stay ahead of the flavor curve, Ciy is a must-visit.  Get inspired by the city's vibrant food scene and use it to elevate your culinary offerings.

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A pinch of this and that

🥖A pinch of this and that

🛩 Wendy's tests drone deliveries

🐔 Chick-fil-A reinvents pizza

🥪 Samuelsson brings BBQ to NJ

🧾 Cancelation fees bite back

👢 Comfy shoes = happy hosts

Restaurant managers and owners know that keeping great employees is a key driver of patron happiness and overall success. Do you have an official employee training program in place? I'd love to hear details on it -- you can reply here to fill me in.

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