♻️ Is zero waste possible in restaurants?

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♻️ Is zero waste possible in restaurants?

Restaurants have a unique stance when it comes to reducing waste, particularly when it comes to food waste. How can innovation in restaurants influence other hospitality areas when it comes to waste reduction? Pull up a chair for today's edition of The Prep.

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🍽️ Optimizing in-house software
🍔 McDonald's get an anime makeover
💸 Fee transparency takes center stage
🚀 London tops Europe's best eats

When restaurants innovate, waste disappears

The rise of zero-waste restaurants presents a sustainable and potentially profitable opportunity for the industry. These establishments eliminate landfill waste through fermentation, repurposing leftovers, and resource recovery. Apart from the environmental benefits, zero-waste restaurants can also reduce operating expenses and improve brand image by attracting environmentally conscious customers.

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🎧 Krow Knows, Episode 4

How to become a dynamic dining destination

Wayne Conte, CEO of Aspire Americas, offers insights into the evolving landscape of culinary tourism, exploring themes like the influence of social media on trip planning, the transformative role of digital platforms in enhancing dining experiences, and the emergence of new food destinations worldwide. His expertise highlights the enduring significance of gastronomy in shaping travel strategies, offering invaluable perspectives for businesses in the hospitality industry.

Listen to the full episode here.

Restaurants tackle fee transparency

In response to proposed legislation and a demand for transparency, restaurants all over the country are exploring solutions to address additional fees on diner’s bills. Clear communication about the purpose of fees can help build trust with customers, whether they support staff wages or cover operational costs. Offering optional fee structures also empowers diners to make informed choices while integrating fees into menu prices eliminates surprises.

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Can POS integration enhance restaurant performance?

 As restaurant management becomes more complex, POS system upgrades can make all the difference. Integrating it with other software solutions can enhance efficiency and improve customer experience. Essential integrations include connecting table booking software with POS to personalize service, automating online orders to reduce workload, utilizing menu management software to optimize sales, enhancing loyalty program management with customer apps, and automating sales data transfer to CRM systems for better marketing insights.

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Food delivery gets an upgrade

Marc Lore's company, Wonder, has collaborated with Walmart to bring a unique concept to the food delivery market. Wonder will offer a delivery system that enables customers to order food from multiple restaurant menus prepared in a single kitchen. As this trend is expected to grow, training staff to handle the potential surge in individual orders for each restaurant is essential.

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London claims the European culinary crown

London has officially emerged as the premier culinary hub of Europe, backed by an impressive 2,906 five-star reviews on Tripadvisor. The vibrant dining landscape of London showcases a range of dining options, from cozy pubs to world-renowned Michelin-starred establishments. With classic dishes like fish and chips and a plethora of innovative international cuisines, London offers an unparalleled gastronomic adventure for food lovers.

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A pinch of this and that

🚀 Coombs' Court to Table Cuisine

🍕 Bloomin' Brands shutters 41 restaurants

🥪 McDonald's unveils anime-themed eatery

🍽️ Toast adapts amid financial setbacks

🍲 Alna, Maine eatery earns Beard nod

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