Meet Katie, Editor of The Prep

Katie Parsons is an experienced researcher and journalist with hospitality and small-business expertise. 

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Meet Katie, Editor of The Prep

Dear Prepreneuers,

I’m so excited to have you as part of our fast-growing, thriving community. Alongside thousands of other restaurant entrepreneurs and decision-makers, you are at the heart of what makes your industry tick – and The Prep is here to support that. 

My background is that of a journalist-turned-entrepreneur, with several successful small businesses under my belt. As a freelance journalist and researcher for the better part of a decade, I also learned the ins and outs of the small business owners in my community, writing about restaurant openings, milestone anniversaries and food trends – all with the express aim of getting more people to frequent these local businesses. 

Which is why I take my role as editor of The Prep so seriously. 

I know the many hats small business owners wear and how even slight life hacks can improve productivity, efficiency and revenue generation. That’s what I aim to bring you with every newsletter edition and exclusive piece of content from The Prep: tangible, actionable tips to help your restaurant business operate more smoothly and effectively.

As you consume content from The Prep, I hope you’ll feel comfortable reaching out to me with your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. I’ll always make time to read those notes and respond.

I’m looking forward to continuing to connect, 


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