🍽️ Outsourced Thanksgiving Meals | 🍫 Mars Invests in Chocolate | 🍬 NYC's Sugar Disclosure

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🍽️ Outsourced Thanksgiving Meals | 🍫 Mars Invests in Chocolate | 🍬 NYC's Sugar Disclosure

The Thanksgiving holiday isn’t a day off for restaurants – almost half of Americans plan to buy their holiday meal from a restaurant instead of making it themselves. Pull up a chair to learn why in today’s edition of The Prep.

On the menu:
🍬 NYC's new sugar labeling law for chain restaurants
🍴 EatOkra app boosts Black-owned restaurant visibility
🍫 Mars invests in premium chocolate, signaling market growth

49% of Americans rely on restaurants for Thanksgiving meals

Almost half of Americans surveyed said they’ll let a restaurant handle their Thanksgiving meal this year.

Of 1,000 US consumers surveyed, 32% said they will opt for takeout/delivery to handle the meal details, and another 17% will dine at a restaurant in person. 
Notably, individuals under the age of 35 showed a higher inclination toward restaurant reliance, with 42% opting for takeout/delivery, and 20% planning to dine on-site, according to survey conductor Popmenu.

The reasons behind passing off the Thanksgiving preparation duties? The survey revealed that:
• 64% find it more convenient.
• 35% prefer not to cook.
• 35% appreciate professionally-cooked food.
• 24% believe ordering from restaurants is more cost-effective than buying ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner.

Trusting a traditional holiday meal to a local restaurant shows a lot of faith in the industry. What does the trend mean for upcoming holiday meal-based gatherings?

Full Story: Cision (11/20)

For your review: Does your restaurant prepare and sell Thanksgiving meals?

🎧 Running Restaurants Podcast

Episode 202 - The Inspiring Journey of Balance Grille (Fast Casual Asian Fusion Restaurant)

“As an owner, you’ve got to show the type of work ethic and [show] what you’re envisioning to your employees and they will follow you as long as you treat them good.” - Ho Chan Jang, Co-Founder & Exec Chef of Balance Grille

We recommend listening to the full podcast here (24 mins) 

NYC mandates chain restaurants to disclose "added sugar" items

NYC's new Sweet Truth Act will require chain restaurants to label "added sugar" in menu items that surpass FDA recommendations.

Aimed at combating hidden sugar consumption and its health impacts, the law penalizes non-compliant businesses, reflecting a growing focus on nutrition transparency in the food industry.

Full Story: Salon (11/20)

EatOkra app connects foodies with Black-owned restaurants

EatOkra, an app developed by Anthony and Janique Edwards, links 500,000 foodies to Black-owned restaurants and culinary creators.

Launched in 2017, it emphasizes Black food culture, providing users with an extensive network of restaurants, chefs, and food suppliers.

Beyond promoting Black culinary heritage, EatOkra also offers an e-commerce platform and a rewards program, aiding in the visibility and growth of Black-owned food businesses.

Full Story: Forbes (11/20)

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Mars just spent $665M on premium chocolate: Here’s why

Premium chocolate is forecast to grow by $15bn over the next 4 years (Mordor Intelligence).

Source: Mordor Intelligence

What opportunities could premium chocolate bring to your business? New menu options, a way to differentiate from competitors, or attract new customers?

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