💰 Digital Tipping Dilemmas

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💰 Digital Tipping Dilemmas

Feelings are mixed when it comes to digital tipping – research shows it’s good for employees, but can be confusing and irritating to consumers. Today we look a little closer at the digital tipping debate – so pull up a chair for this edition of The Prep.

 On the menu:
🍽️ Digital tipping leads to mixed feelings
🔍 Uncover your restaurant's blind spots
💡 Dive into energy-saving strategies
⏰ Flexibility ranks high for hospitality workers
🐪 Camel milk's market expected to grow

Reports: Digital tipping options lead to consumer fatigue

Multiple reports indicate that customers often feel pressured to tip when presented with digital options, which contributes to tipping culture fatigue. Some customers may even find the experience uncomfortable and may opt for takeout or delivery through digital platforms to avoid the pressure.

However, the shift to digital tipping has led to increased tip percentages, benefitting restaurant staff and increasing job satisfaction.

The cultural debate surrounding tipping has opened the door to discussions about potential changes in the payment system for restaurant workers in the US. 

As minimum wages for tipped workers are under scrutiny, there are predictions that the traditional tipping system might be replaced by surcharges shared among all restaurant staff. 

This proposed change aims to create a fair distribution of earnings among different roles in the restaurant, addressing concerns about the current tipping model.

Will digital tipping improve wages or completely overhaul the earning model for restaurant employees? 

Read more of the statistics for digital tipping on Restaurant Dive.

🎧 The restaurant show with Jay Ashton

Serving Delight in Difficult Times: The Continental Treat Story

Sylvester, a restaurant owner, was asked “What advice do you have for somebody who's just starting out with their restaurant?”

Here’s a summary of his response: 

Ensure you have a solid strategy, not just focusing on the menu. Conduct thorough business forecasting, and understand customer preferences. It's crucial to explore various avenues, like partnerships and market tastings. Test your offerings in stores or through fundraisers to gauge public response, and verify if your cuisine resonates with potential customers.

We recommend listening to the full podcast here (8 mins) 

3 restaurant owner blind spots 

 Uncover the overlooked blind spots in your restaurant business! This episode dives into vital areas like cash management, product management, and the use of discounts/promo codes. You’ll also learn practical strategies to identify and tackle these vulnerabilities. 

Listen here: Making Dough Show

Energy efficiency tips for restaurants

 "Going Green, Saving Green" reveals key energy efficiency strategies for restaurants. It focuses on low-cost maintenance and high-impact investments – like energy management systems – while emphasizing cost savings and environmental responsibility.

Read the full story: Modern Restaurant Management

Flexible working trends in 2023

 A new study shows that flexibility is now hospitality employees’ second highest concern behind pay and benefits. Plus, 33% say flexibility is even more important since the cost of living crisis. 

Get the full report: Tech on Toast

Camel milk's rising popularity 😯

 The camel milk market – valued at $1.34 billion – is expected to grow steadily, offering a nutrient-rich alternative to traditional and plant-based milk. 

However, it’s 7-8 times more expensive than cow milk! Is there a place in your fridge for camel milk?

A pinch of this and that

🌎 Gen Z Talent: Attracting and retaining Gen Z is crucial as they're expected to comprise 30% of the workforce by 2030
👪Customer Attraction:  Explore over 21 proven strategies for attracting new customers to your restaurant
🚲Online Bookings: Restaurant delivery is the most popular online service globally, surpassing grocery delivery
📉 Restaurant Challenges: Operating a restaurant is a physically and emotionally demanding labor of love, with high failure rates
👞 Manager to Leader:10 steps to transition from a restaurant manager to an effective restaurant leader

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