🍽️ Chefs reimagine plating concepts

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🍽️ Chefs reimagine plating concepts

There are so many opportunities for restaurants to constantly reinvent themselves – and plating is one. Pull up a chair for today’s edition of The Prep and read how NYC chefs are reimagining the traditional art.

On the menu:
🍽️ Plating takes on new life in NYC
📲 Tech and restaurant hygiene
🧉 Drinkable desserts gain popularity
⛵ Malta attracts hungry tourists

Plating replaces plates with more-creative approaches

In the evolving landscape of fine dining, the traditional rules of plating have given way to a post-plate era where chefs showcase their creativity through unconventional presentations. 

Influenced by Instagram and social media, chefs in New York City are experimenting with striking plating strategies, such as arranging ingredients like overlapping shingles, topping dishes with intricate tuiles, and showcasing whole birds with attached feet. 

This shift marks a departure from the traditional French approach and reflects a broader trend of culinary innovation and visual appeal in the world of fine dining.

Check out some plating creativity at The New York Times.

🎧 The Chef Radio Podcast, Episode 102

A look behind the menu

Author Andrew Friedman delves deep into the hidden lives and labor behind a single dish, from farm to table. He reveals the surprising number of hands involved, from farmers and producers to chefs, servers, and delivery folks. Get ready for a fascinating journey that shines a light on the unseen heroes bringing your meal to life.

Check out the full episode here.

The technology maintaining restaurant hygiene

Restaurants are now utilizing advanced technology to ensure hygiene and food safety. AI-powered scanner PathSpot is capable of detecting if someone has properly washed their hands, making soapy finger flicks a thing of the past. Digital checklists are also replacing traditional paper checklists, resulting in more efficient and streamlined food safety procedures in the kitchen.

Learn about safety measures at Restaurant Business.

Drink your dessert? Restaurants add options to menus

Restaurants are now offering drinkable desserts to meet the demand for quick and customizable options. They are creatively incorporating dessert cocktails and shakes to enhance the dining experience. Major chains like Dutch Bros, IHOP, and Jack in the Box are leveraging consumer feedback and social media trends to develop enticing drinkable desserts and satisfy sweet cravings.

Learn more at Restaurant Hospitality.

How to sync customer expectations with tech

Today’s customers are looking for a unique dining experience that integrates technology without sacrificing the traditional dining experience. Instead of cold, metal kiosks and robotic waiters, customers want self-service that is enjoyable and fun.

 This could include interactive games that allow customers to order food or robots that bring appetizers to the table with a party hat on. The goal is to use technology to amplify, rather than detract from, the dining experience.

Read more at PYMNTS.

Foodies flock to Malta

This sunny island is whipping up Michelin-starred magic at places like Under Grain, where seafood gets fancy. But don't miss the real magic – hidden greasy spoon joints like Is-Serkin serving up crispy pockets of pastizzi goodness. From fine dining feasts to humble bites, Malta's bringing the flavor for food tourists.

Learn more at Fine Dining Lovers.

A pinch of this and that

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🌱 Meatless Movement: Grubhub claims vegan Is supreme.
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🍖 Morfogen Magic: Chophouse champ upgrades Gramercy diner.

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