⭐ Hotel restaurants predict guest demands

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⭐ Hotel restaurants predict guest demands

How much time could be saved by better understanding your customers? Hotels are using predictive technology to offer personalized dining options to guests – can all restaurants take a cue? Pull up a chair to learn more in today's edition of The Prep. 

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⭐ Hotel's predict diner demands
🍴 Daunting franchisee challenges
📱 Customizing dining experiences
📈 Rise in crime in Calif. restaurants

Hotel restaurants use predictive ordering for guests

Predictive ordering is a rising trend in hotel restaurants that uses artificial technology to predict what guests are likely to order based on their previous behavior. From an inventory perspective, predictive ordering ensures that popular dishes are always available while reducing waste. Can restaurants outside of hotels tap this trend to better anticipate guest orders?

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🎧 Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast, Episode 209

The keys to training and employee retention

Beth Hussey, an experienced restaurateur, has created an innovative digital training platform called Shifty to address the chronic staffing issues in the industry. Shifty provides training to employees and managers, which enhances their skills related to service quality, product knowledge, and retention. Hussey says that the platform is not just a training program; it is a paradigm shift for restaurants that want to break the cycle of high turnover rates and invest in their employees' future.

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The increasing challenges of franchise ownership

Franchise restaurant ownership appears to be getting more challenging. A recent Popeyes franchise bankruptcy highlights potential trouble ahead, with experts predicting even more franchise closures this year due to tight labor, high costs, and pandemic debt. To prevent this, industry insiders suggest investing in innovative growth strategies and maintaining tight margins.

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Trending: Customization for restaurant patrons

Restaurant consumers are increasingly looking for customization options in their dining. Gluten-free options alone hold a $6.45 billion market, and Grand View Research predicts that trend will grow 9.8% annually by 2030. Other customization options include unique dining formats, like food trucks or themed cafes.

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Is it time to automate your restaurant's marketing?

Automated marketing for your restaurant can streamline messaging and save you time. Platforms like BentoBox and Aro offer automated email blasts, personalized content, and even AI chatbots. Data privacy and human oversight are still crucial, but automation can be a powerful ally in a competitive restaurant market.

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Breakfast delivery services are booming

Consumers are increasingly ordering breakfast from bed – and restaurants can cash in by optimizing menus to meet demand. Connecting with established delivery services can also streamline convenience for both the restaurant and consumer. Other things to keep in mind: competitive pricing, seasonal menu items, and offering a variety of coffee.

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A pinch of this and that

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I remember feeling a little bit creeped out when my technology started suggesting things for me based on my behavior. The accuracy was often surprising and a little shocking to me.

Fast forward to 2024, and I expect my technology and surrounding experiences to always have my preferences in mind. I'm slightly annoyed if I have to search too hard for anything.

Is predictive ordering the organic next step in restaurant personalization?

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