💵 Counterfeit cash on the rise: Restaurants beware

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💵 Counterfeit cash on the rise: Restaurants beware

Restaurant and bar staff handle cash during every shift – but counterfeit bills are on the rise in the US. How can your staff protect itself? Pull up a chair for today’s edition of The Prep.

On the menu:
💵 Fake cash flows into restaurants
💻 Are premium reservations fair?
🍷 The alcohol portion responsibility
🐟 Canned fish’s spotlight moment

Restaurants are vulnerable to counterfeit US cash

The US Secret Service recently issued a warning that counterfeit cash production and use is on the rise and small business owners are especially at risk.

The agency reports between a 5% to 10% uptick in reported counterfeit bills in some areas of the country over the past six months.

What can restaurants do? Law enforcement say that awareness, and training staff to spot fake bills, is the best prevention. Looking for the official watermark, red and blue fibers in the bill and microprinting are a few ways to spot real cash. Counterfeit bills may also reuse the same serial number – a clear red flag.

Find out how to spot fake cash at Spectrum News

🎧 Restaurant Prosperity Formula, Episode 88

A look at coaching for restaurant owners

Jesi Cline's journey from exhaustion to being a motivated restaurant owner with an optimistic outlook may serve as motivation for other owners. It showcases that positive transformations are possible with the right strategies and mindset, inspiring others to explore new approaches to their businesses.

Is coaching something you need? Check out the full episode here. 

Are premium reservations ethical?

Some restaurants are using premium reservations that come at a cost to patrons as a way to boost revenue – but is it fair and on-the-up? Restaurants implementing the strategy say it generates buzz and is a way to attract new customers. 

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Smaller alcohol portions: Should restaurants take responsibility?

As lawmakers and industry organizations discuss laws surrounding smaller portions of alcohol, many restaurant and bar managers and owners are left to wonder if they should get the ball rolling first. Could early adopters attract customers concerned about responsible drinking?

Find out what the trend could mean on Biomed Central

The advantages of a tailored POS system

The right point of sale system can serve as the operational backbone for bars and restaurants, streamlining sales transactions, managing inventory, and enhancing customer service. So how can implementing an effective POS system can improve overall operational efficiency of bars and restaurants?

Learn more from U.S. News.

Consumers go canned for fish

 The canned seafood market is having a moment to shine – first ignited at the onset of the pandemic. Globally, this niche is expected to be worth around $51 billion USD by 2033, up from $3 billion in 2023.

Why does it matter? Understanding the growth of this consumer trend can help inform menu development, sourcing strategies, and customer engagement efforts. 

 Explore more at National Geographic.

A pinch of this and that

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