📱The role of influencers in restaurants

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📱The role of influencers in restaurants

Social media influencers seem to have an opinion about everything – and when it comes to restaurants, their followers are listening. Want to know how to best implement influencer marketing for your restaurant or bar? Pull up a chair for this edition of The Prep. 

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📱 The influencer effect on restaurants
🤖 Robot serves up Texas fare
☎️ The death of the landline?
🥑 South Korea's vegan scene

Influencers connect followers with restaurant & food brands

Savvy restaurants brands are leveraging influencer power on social media platforms like TikTok to reach the coveted Gen Z crowd. A reported $4.8 billion in earned media value through the use of influencers was posted by restaurant brands in the first half of 2023. 

Case in point: A recent Chipotle campaign with TikTok stars Alexis Frost and Keith Lee went viral. The campaign skyrocketed Chipotle to two of its best-ever digital sales days. 

Another example: Red Robin's collaboration with celebrity bartender Ariana Madix garnered over 500,000 social media views in a few days.

But influencer power isn't just for big chains. Rooster & Rice, a nine-unit fast casual brand, used local influencers to promote its grand opening with reported great success. 

So, how can restaurants of all sizes harness influencer power?

Learn more at National Restaurant Review.

🎧 BDO To-Go, Episode 23

How AI enhances decision-making in the restaurant industry

Kirstie Tiernan, Principal at BDO Digital, offers valuable insights to businesses seeking to make informed decisions with data and AI. This episode provides an in-depth exploration of the significance of data in enhancing operational efficiencies and navigating the dynamic landscape of digital transformation.

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Do restaurants even need a landline anymore?

 Restaurants are increasingly ditching telephone landlines and relying instead on websites, online ordering platforms, and virtual phone systems. Some restaurants are choosing to keep landlines, citing their importance for phone orders and catering to older clientele.

Join the conversation at Comstock's Magazine.

A galatic dining experience in Austin

Chatty robot servers interact with customers at Space Cowboy in Austin, Tex. – all amidst a sleek, space-age ambiance. On the menu:  Cowgirl Cut Steak, Wine Braised Short Rib, and Panna Cotta for dessert.

Check out video @TheATXDrinker on TikTok.

How does workplace wellness fare in restaurants?

A recently-published survey conducted by KURU Footwear explores the job satisfaction and well-being of food service workers in 2023. The answers from 600 Americans in the industry span topics such as employee longevity, staff shortages, burnout trends, and factors influencing job fulfillment. 

Comb through the case study at WhereTheFoodComesFrom.com.

Spotlight on South Korea's vegan scene

South Korea may be known for its meaty BBQ, but vegan options are popping up everywhere, from street food stalls to trendy restaurants. This is thanks in part to a younger generation embracing plant-based eating and the country's existing Buddhist tradition. From vegan kimchi (made without fish sauce) to traditional temple cuisine innovative vegan takes on South Korean classics are gaining clout.

Check out the trend at VegNews.

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